CSV Import & Export

Using CSV

Noda can produce and consume files in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. This feature is only available in the paid version of the app. The Noda CSV format support a combination of nodes and links

On Quest the export is sent via email from the Maps tab on the Application menu.

On Quest import can be done through the Browser available from the Application Menu. Use the browser to access a cloud storage provider like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive to Download your .CSV file. Here is a quick video.

On Quest the Import and Export file directories are available to directly transfer files to and from using a USB-C or AirLink connection. The base location is: \Android\data\com.codingleap.noda\files.

CSV File Format Specifications

The CSV files produced from Noda contain all of the fields needed to recreate the map. You may not need or have all of the these fields. For Import the only required field is the Name or Title field.

The first line of the file is a column header row that identifies the fields in the subsequent lines.

Uuid - Universally Unique Identifier. This can be any character string value that is unique across the entire map. If none is supplied one will be generated. This value is what is used to create links between nodes. Examples are: 96a97bed-2f78-419e-848e-2d660045bf65, 1, or PRODUCT_SKU

Title - This is the text that appears above the node or link. For import this column can be called "Name". Tags are support for <i>italic</i> and <u>underline</u>

Notes - Additional text attached to a node. Available from the Notes tab on the Node Editor.

ImageURL - The image that appears above the node. Supported formats are .png & .jpg. For best results use images that are less than 1000px and 1mb

PageURL - The url for the node. Available from the Page tab of the Node Editor. Example: http://mysite.com

Color - Color of the node or link. Specified in hex format. Example: 3F51B5

Opacity - A number between 0 and 1 indicating opacity of a node shape. 1 is completely opaque and 0 is completely transparent.

Shape - The shape of the node or the pattern of the link. For nodes the available shapes are: Ball, Box, Tetra, Cylinder, Diamond, Hourglass, Plus, Star. For links the available shapes (patterns) are: Solid, Dash, Arrows

Size - A number indicating relative size of node or thickness of link. For nodes values are between 1-45. For link values are between 1-9.

PositionX - The X position in meters relative to the center of the map.

PositionY - The Y position in meters relative to the center of the map.

PositionZ - The Z position in meters relative to the center of the map.

Collapsed - Indicates if the node should be collapsed meaning the outgoing connected nodes will be folded or hidden inside of this node. Values are Yes or No

Type - Type (aka Kind, Class, Category, Template) is a way to associate nodes to share style (shape, color). Any node row that has "Type" as a value here will be treated as a type. Any value other than "Type" should match the Title of another row that has "Type" here.

FromUuid - For link rows this value should match the Uuid of a node. The link will start at this node.

ToUuid - For link rows this value should match the Uuid of a node. The link will end at this node.

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