Release Notes

Meta Quest

1.41 - September 5, 2022

Physical (USB) Keyboard Support, Hand Tracking Beta, Default Sunroom Location, New Moonroom Location, Presentation Mode (Casting to Phone/PC with Meta Avatar)

1.40 - July 4, 2022

Browser Favorites (aka bookmarks), Notes Preview by Touch, 2 new locations VaporWave (free) & ArtRoom (subscription), new audio "Future Behold", new API calls for listNodes, listLinks, getUser

1.39 - May 24, 2022

One-Time Purchase option, Export to Web URL, and Integration API. View multiple resizable web browser windows

1.35 - February 4, 2022

Auto-save and Map Actions: Duplicate, Rename, Delete. Export CSV via email and Casting Camera with subscription

1.33 - December 19, 2021

Undo, Multi-Selection (touch or draw), Multi-move, edit, delete, clone. Passthrough mode for subscribers with full picture or edges-only option

1.32 - November 5, 2021

Image improvements: Web page snapshots, inline images, webp support. Deluxe environment for subscribers

1.27 - August 15, 2021

More node colors + transparency. Mixed Reality Capture. Two New environments, 1 free and 1 for subscribers

1.22 - July 15, 2021

Initial Quest Release.

Start Mapping in VR!

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